Waxing Services in Charleston

When you watch your body hair slowly grow back with dread, you know you need to make a decision quickly. Don’t reach for the razor to give yourself shaving rashes, cuts and ingrown hairs. Instead, head straight to our salon to get the pampering you deserve!

Exceptional Esthetics has been the leading name in waxing services in Charleston for years. Our knowledgeable beauticians and outstanding customer service make our clients value our work and employ us for their hair removal time and time again. Call us at (843) 597-8330 to make an appointment at your convenience!

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Deluxe Eyebrow Waxing Service

Your eyebrows are one of the most important elements of your face. They help shape your face, relay emotions and can affect your whole appearance. Making sure your eyebrows get waxed routinely can be an essential component of your grooming.

Whether you have thick brows or want to match the shape of your two eyebrows, Exceptional Esthetics can give you the solution you’re seeking. Our team of professionals will work with precision to ensure your brows will accentuate your beautiful eyes and develop an overall polished look to your face. If you have small, hooded or far-apart eyes, our qualified beauticians will advise you on the right brow shape to complement them.

Brazilian Wax for a Hair-Free Experience

You want a silky smooth “nether region” to make you feel comfortable come bikini season. When you know there is no embarrassing display of undesirable hair around your underwear or bikini line, you feel more confident. This is when a Brazilian wax comes in perfectly handy.

Our skilled crew will make you feel at home in our salon when you arrive for your Brazilian wax. They are professional and friendly in their manner to put you at ease when stripping down to your birthday suit. Some of the benefits of our Brazilian wax include preventing shaving rashes and cuts, blemishes and ingrown hairs aside from an exfoliation that leaves your skin velvety.

Exceptional Full-Body Waxing Package

When you employ our full body wax, you can feel confident in your body and look your best at all times. Whether you’re planning to bare it all in a fashionable bikini or generally enjoy the look and feel of your body being fully hairless, we have the perfect solution for you.

With our outstanding full-body wax package, you can rest assured your skin is clear of stubble and prickly hair for up to a month. Such long-lasting results can only be otherwise derived from expensive and time-consuming methods like laser hair removal.

Exceptional Esthetics is the Go-To Choice in Charleston for Waxing Services

While shaving is a grooming chore, you must undertake yourself every couple of days with unsatisfactory results, Exceptional Esthetics’s waxing methods are fast, affordable and safe without leaving nicks and cuts on the skin in their wake. Customers in Charleston have us booked up, but we can always find time for you. Call (843) 597-8330 to reserve an appointment with us.